How To Solve Amazon Kindle Apps Crashing Issues

Like any other device, it is possible that you might face some problems with your Kindle Fire crashing or not responding. Here are some very important steps to take before you come to a decision about the actual problem.

Steps To Fix Amazon Kindle Apps Crashing

1. The very first thing is to check whether the Wi-Fi connectivity is still on or not. Check the status of the Wi-Fi, in case not connected connect it and your problem will be solved.

2. In case the problem persists there could be a block because of the payment method you had chosen for buying books. Check if the payment method is valid or not because this also prevents the device from syncing content. You can go to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’, To edit payment method go to, ‘Kindle Payment Settings’, and click on, ‘Edit Payment Method’ to update details.

3. The parental controls need to be turned on. In case the option is turned off, go to, ‘settings’, click on parental controls and turn it on by entering your password which is different from your PIN or your screen lock password.

4. One other important thing you should try if the device is syncing or not. Go to ‘settings’, again and click on ‘Sync and Check for New Items’. This will synchronize the latest content and updates and help to the device to start functioning again.

5. If you have placed an order, it is important you check the status of the order. Click on, ‘Your Digital Orders’ tab and check if the order is completed or not.

6. In case the app is hung on screen or if it’s crashing too often, do a Force Stop. To do this you will need to drag the icon of the app from the Quick Switch panel to the middle of the screen.

7. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Kindle app can help a great deal if the problem is not getting solved by the above-mentioned solutions.

8. At times, but rarely, you might have to repurchase a content. This happens if the purchase you made earlier didn’t go through successfully or if there was an unknown error.

9. Sometimes the problem is not with the app but the device. Try restarting the device. Switch it off for a minute and restart it.

Apart from these options, there are some other steps you can take to solve the Amazon Kindle app crashing issue.

Soft Reset: Long-press the power switch for twenty seconds while sliding it at the same time and release it, so that the device doesn’t simply shut down. The devices need to be rebooted. You will notice the reboot screen when the power switch is released. Now wait for approximately two minutes and your Kindle Fire will be on again.

Factory Reset: Do the factory reset only if you have no other option left, but first make sure you have tried all the options mentioned above. To do the factory reset swipe down using your finger on the screen from top to bottom and tap on ‘More’. Then click on ‘Setting – Device’. When you see the option saying, ‘Reset to factory defaults’, click on it. Make sure you read the notification that would say that this is going to remove all your data. The warning box, ‘You are about to reset your kindle’, will appear. Click on the ‘Continue’ option. The device is going to take up to 5 minutes to reset everything. After the reset is done the device will reboot and no matter what the issue it will be gone.


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