Android Phones and its Future

Android phones are the new buzz… and almost all the applications are available freely. Android phones have applications which are not a part of other mobile phones. Android phone not only provide you wider range of apps but also gives you a higher range of options.

Apple’s Iphone and Google’s android phones are into fierce competition which further makes the future for android phone much brighter because of the need to stay in the race.

If you are mulling over to buy one new android phone, then these can be your viable options. Android phones are suitable too in comparison to other Smartphone and its apps. This is because most of the Smartphone in today’s era have bought Google’s Android OS and supplying it on their Smartphone. Android phones have captured the market and in the coming Future it is the Monopoly winner. Among all of these Smartphone HTC hero has created a lot of buzz in the minds of customers. These entries are generally made for customers who are conscious in spending money from their pockets. Another option can be BETouch Acer E400in which Acer company has installed its own user interface .In addition to it GPS Android, a 600 MHz processor plus Wi-Fi support.

The most important feature of Android is the Android’s Marketplace which provides thousands of apps to be chosen and then installing them according to your interest s. The apps can be free or are paid ones but they are worth giving a try for customers and always pleasers them. If any customer has no interest in a particular app one can uninstall it and save his/her memory card space. If anyone is a parent and wants to make sure that his children do not open any illegal or obscene site and wants to have a monitoring control then parental control apps and software are for you. Android phones have become universal and can buy almost from everywhere. Traditionally, Android phones make Skype instant messaging as well as voice calls and video calls possible. Almost all of the applications that are present in Android are lovely and can be used.

Google’s android phones project themselves as open-source and provide free apps but Iphone never provide free apps and nor does it provide you with open-source Operating System. There are talks that Google uses your data for ad-campaigning but one thing is for sure that Google is creating a virtual world which is encouraging open-source operating system and apps which is altogether new and interesting world. The rivalry of Android phones with Iphone will always help Google to reinvent their phones and make them much better with each and every step.

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