Apple iPhone 3GS vs. HTC HD2 – Comparison

HTC HD2 Over Apple iPhone 3GS – Display

The HTC HD2 and also the Apple iPhone 3GS each of those utilize touchscreen LCDs. The HTC HD2 utilizes an impressive 4.3″ screen, while Apple iPhone 3GS features a 3.5″ and also has resolution of 480×320 pixels in comparison to 800×480 pixels of HTC HD2. This difference makes no competition and simply HTC HD2 wins.

Apple iPhone 3GS Over HTC HD2 – Portability
HTC HD2 is more overweight and greatly bigger as compared to the Apple iPhone 3GS. Having 4.3″ large and also 2.6″ wide, along with 155.9 grams, where Apple iPhone has 136 grams of weight. We all know that iPhone 3GS is practically slimmer with only 12.1 grams, in comparison to the 0.48″ iPhone.

HTC HD2 Over Apple iPhone 3GS – Processor

Apple iPhone 3GS has 833 MHz ARM processor along with chipset of Cortex A8. But HTC HD2 includes 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which gives edges to HTC HD2 to overcome; particularly looking at the chipset of Apple iPhone 3GS, which is using clocked to 600MHz.

HTC HD2 Over Apple iPhone 3GS – Camera

Not only camera is truly very best also a standard compact digital camera matters at this point to get excellent results and lens, however the HTC HD2 controls a better approximation simply since it provides an LED flash-light to improve evening photos. The sensor of HD2 also provides 5MP resolution against 3MP shooting camera in the Apple iPhone 3GS, as well as alongside testing appear to point out exactly the same.

Apple iPhone 3GS Over HTC HD2 – Storage

HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS provides 16GB storage memory, but the Apple offers it as built-in in iPhone 3GS, and HTC HD2 comes with a memory card slot. Both smartphones can manage up to 32GB. Most of us prefer removable memory storage, but aspect together with Apple about this for worth factor of this situation. So, anybody who desires the greatest smartphone storage space gets a much better package by having Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Apple iPhone 3GS Over HTC HD2 – Software

Even as mentioned in the starting of this evaluation, Windows Mobile 6.5 comes with its final edition. A large amount of Windows Mobile applications are also accessible as compared to Apple iPhone applications, while Windows Phone 7 comes this year, we anticipate the final outstanding Windows Mobile designers to leap on that trading platform.

HTC HD2 Over Apple iPhone 3GS – Battery Life

Battery life in the Apple iPhone 3GS hasn’t ever been especially extraordinary, therefore it must arrive with a small shock and HTC HD2 is amazing in standby and talk time. HTC claimed that HD2 must provide 6.3 hours regarding talk time as well as 490 hours regarding standby time, and Apple claims that iPhone 3GS gives 5 hours for talk time as well as 300 hours for standby time.

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