Convert PDF To Document With Google Docs

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Google docs no doubt is an awesome Office Suite and in post we will find how to convert PDF to document with Google Docs.

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How to convert PDF to document with Google Docs

1. At first go to Google docs by signing into your Google Account.If you don’t have Google Account and create one for yourself as it takes only few minutes.

2. Click on “Upload” Option and then Go to “Files” to upload the required PDF file which you want to convert into document.

3. Find PDF file which you want to convert to document and click on “Open”. You will get a dialogue box where you will have to select the option “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents” as shown in the image below and then click on “Upload”.

4. After uploading PDF file now go to “More” on Navigation Menu or Right click the PDF file which you uploaded and select “Download”.

5. After you click on “Download” a there will be a prompt “Convert and Download ” where select the option “Download as Microsoft Word” as shown below.

Done :). You can also edit the document file.

Do share your views on how do you convert PDF to document.

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