Convert PDF File To Office Doc File

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PDF is the most trusted way to share documents online with others.One of the drawback which is associated with PDF document is that they can’t be edited.

If you want to edit a PDF file then you can try using PDF To Word Converter which lets you to convert a PDF document into MS-Word.

PDF To Word Converter is a free tool which can easily convert 100 of PDF files in batch mode to MS-Word format fast.

Steps to be followed to use PDF to Word Convertor

1. In the first step you need to download and install PDF to Word Convertor.

2. After you run after installing the software you will have to click on “Add a PDF file Now” to add files to convert.

3. Click on the “browse” button on the right bottom to select the Output path of the folder and then click on “Start Converting Now”.

4. Within few minutes your PDF documents will be converted to MS Word format.

It supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, 7 or 8.PDF To WORD Converter automatically decrypts restricted PDF files to Word format and has the capability to convert large number of PDF files at one time.

Download PDF to Word Converter

Download PDF to Word Converter

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