The Best Way to Convert a PDF into PowerPoint Presentation

Sometimes, the need to convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation is inevitable. It might be a challenging task, but there are ways in which you can do the task successfully. There are software tools which can help you automatically do it, but there are also manual procedures that can also make you go about the process. It will be up to you to choose which one is the best way for you.

Using PDF Reader

You can manually convert a PDF file into PPT or PowerPoint file by using a PDF Reader. The advantage of choosing this process is that you don’t need to download software which may not be secure. If you already have a PDF Reader in your computer you simply have to open your PDF file using the PDF reader. But in case you don’t have one, go to Adobe website and download the Adobe Reader for free. After opening the file with the reader, click on “Tools” and look for “Snapshot Tool”. You will use that tool to select the area of your file by simply clicking and dragging the tool to the particular content. Just release the mouse and the content will be automatically copied. Open the PowerPoint program in your computer and make anew blank presentation. Just click on “Insert” and “New Slide” to insert a blank slide in your presentation. Look for “Edit”, and “Paste” to paste the selected content from the PDF file into the inserted slide. Edit the PDF according to your desired size by adjusting the corners. After making the necessary changes, don’t forget to save your PowerPoint file.

Using Conversion Software

There are many available types of software that promises to convert any PDF file into a PPT file. All you have to do is download one and install in your computer to use it. The first step is to go to the website of the software and click on “download.” Run the file and install it in your computer. Most software will ask you to import the PDF file to be converted. There are buttons you can click to add PDFs or some may allow dragging the file and dropping it. You can see the “Convert” button easily and click on it as soon as you have imported the PDF file to be converted. Using conversion software is very easy especially for beginners who are not very familiar in using Adobe Reader. You can even create folders of the PPT files you have converted. Perhaps the only limitation would be the need to purchase one in case the trial software expires.

Other Conversion Options

There are websites that are devoted to converting PDF files into PPT files. You just have to upload the file to be converted and get the desired new file. But this option might not be recommendable for everyone since Internet connection may not always be available. You also have the option to convert the PDF first to Microsoft Word or Excel using Adobe Reader or a Free PDF converter and then eventually convert it to PowerPoint.

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