Coolest Technology Gadgets for 2013

The year 2013 is certainly going to be full of excitement as several new inventions and innovations have taken place plus a few more surprises are on their way. It is always fun to search for the new electronic gadgets that have made lives easier. All of us do not wait for the electronic markets to get the latest phones or other smart devices or most recent high definition television. In this age of time people rely on the internet to seek information and news in order to have an idea about the latest technological discoveries that have been taking place. Some of the latest and coolest technology gadgets which will be very useful for people in upcoming New Year 2013 are compiled below:

So here we meet UBI, the only computer that talks back and always connected. UBI is the acronym for Ubiquitous computer, it is always activated and listens to voices and commands from s user and also responds either in a voice or via multi-colored LED light indicator. A user attracts UBI’s attention by calling out anything and UBI has voice recognition technology to listen for simple commands. It offers simple status updates using multi colored LED lights as an indicator. And users can also move from room to room and interact with devices in different locations. It can be wirelessly connected to home or office router.

Pebble Watch
Now you can more easily access your Smartphone by being on your wrist, Pebble watch made it possible as it is a watch that syncs to your iPhone or Android. This device does not create new applications but instead uses the existing ones on your smart phone. It grabs your text messages, applications, music, alerts and even your incoming calls with the number of the contact appearing on the screen.

Gunnar computer eyewear
By hearing the word eyewear you simply think about those traditional glasses and their usage for the purpose of sun protection or else a necessity for visually impaired people. But you should also know that looking at your computer from morning to dawn can cause injuries to your visions which can eventually result in the need of those spectacles or contact lenses. In order to save yourself from such consequences the Gunnar Computer Eyewear Company makes different types of glasses that are used for the purpose of protecting you against computer vision syndrome or digital eye fatigue. It also increases visual performance. It is available in different styles to suit people.

HD Media Router
If you are a constant user of wireless internet connection whether in office or home then HD Media Router is the right choice for you. It speeds up to 900mbps and you can achieve maximum performance for all your devices at the same time with the automatic bandwidth prioritization. It has a greater coverage for the entire office or home. It also connects computers, media players and game consoles to the web. Also has the ability to share USB devices like printers.

Neural Impulse Actuator
All those gaming freaks out there will be really excited to know that they can easily envy their gaming opponents by having Neural Impulse Actuator. It is rather a substitute for a mouse and can be compatible with any computer game using keyboard input. There are predefined profiles included with the software which allows the user to develop their own nia-memory to launch the behavior of their character desired. It is designed in such a way that a person can further immerse himself with the game. This device has the ability to sense facial tussle signals and brain waves and translates into HID (Human Interface Device) inputs of a computer.

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