Create PDF Files Using Google Docs

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Want to convert document into PDF format easily ?

Google Docs is a free online Office Suite which lets users to create and edit documents online.One of the another useful feature of Google Docs is that it can convert a document into PDF file easily.

Convert document into PDF file (How To)

1. In the first step go to Google Docs by sign in to your Google Account.However, if you don’t have a Google Account then you can create one.

2. Now, create a new document in Google Docs.Google Docs is very much similar to Microsoft Word.After that you click on Create a new document and then add the content to the document.

3. You will now have to go to File menu and select download file as PDF.

4. Save file as PDF.Done 🙂

I must say that Google Docs is amazing as you can share and edit data online in real-time.

Have you tried to convert document into PDF using Google Docs?

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