Delete Google Search History

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From March 1 Google is rolling its New Privacy Policy for Google Account users.According to this Policy Update your search history will be shared among all Google services and will not be kept separately.

Google has already notified its users regarding the New Privacy Policy update.You can know more by heading to the Google Official blog.

Even if you have cleared your browser history then also Google can track down your Web history.Your location, sexual orientation, interests, age, religion, health concerns and much more can be shared which can be a concern for many users.

For users who are concerned about their Privacy then can easily clear Google Web history by following the simple steps mentioned below-

1. In the first step log in to your Google Account.

2. Go to and choose the option to “Remove all Web History.”

Click “OK”

By following the above mentioned steps you not not only delete your Google browsing history but your Web history will also be paused.

Did you delete Google search history?

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