How To Delete Twitter Direct Messages

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Twitter does not allow you to delete Twitter direct messages.

If you are an active Twitter user and use Direct Message to interact with your friends and followers and don’t delete your messages on regular basis then I am sure your Twitter inbox must be filled with a large number of messages.If you want to delete Twitter direct messages then here is how to do it.

How to delete Twitter direct messages

You will have to use third party apps to delete mass messages from your Twitter inbox.

1. DMCleaner: DMCleaner lets you to mass delete your Twitter DMs in just few clicks.To use this tool you will be required to grant access to DMCleaner to access your Twitter Acoount.

You will get options such as –

Delete all DM’s
Delete all sent DM’s
Delete all received DM’s
Delete only DM’s with blocked users
Delete only DM’s with specific users
Delete only DM’s based on a specific date
Delete only DM’s containing specific words

Use the options as per your requirement and click on the “Apply changes” button.Remember that once you delete DMs in no way you can retrieve it back.

2. InboxCleaner: Again, here also you will be required to click the Sign in with Twitter button to use the app.

Free users have restrictions as they cannot delete more than 10 messages a day for free.To delete more messages you will have to upgrade your Account.

There are 3 options – delete all messages, delete messages from user and delete messages by content.

If you want to delete message from a specific user, click the required button and enter Twitter username whereas to “Delete messages by content” enter the word or phrase that of the messages you want to delete and then click delete.

How do you delete Twitter direct messages?

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