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My Talking Tom by developer Outfit 7 is one of the most popular app which has been downloaded millions time in Google Play Store.  My Talking Tom is available for a free download for Android and iOS devices. If you have enjoyed playing the game on your smartphone, download My Talking Tom for PC too. Go through the guide to download My Talking Talk for PC.

my talking tom for pc

Features of My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is an addictive game where My Talking Tom which is a small kitten is your virtual pet.  You can play, feed , dress up,  chatt and more till the kitten becomes a full grown cat. 


The kitten will  interact with you by repeating your words, poke him, stroke and tickle him. Tom grows up in  9 different stages and  there are 120 levels which will unlock new items and coins. 


There are  thousand combinations of furs, clothing and furniture with which you can decorate home for Tom.  Play games with Tom, feed him his favorite food, make him sleep by tucking him into bed.  You can really enjoy  playing this game on on your PC. 


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my talking tom for pc

Download My Talking Tom  for PC


1.  To download “My Talking Tom for PC” you will have to download Android emulator BlueStacks. Download BlueStacks for PC.

 2. Once you have downloaded and installed BlueStacks Emulator on your PC go to the Homepage and click on the search icon at top right corner to find “My Talking Tom ” and click on install.

3.   The process of downloading and installing “My Talking Tom” will take some time. 

4.   The game is now installed on your PC.

 Start playing the game and visit your friends Talking Tom online!

Hoping that you liked tutorial on  download My Talking Tom for PC.



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