Facebook Chat Messenger For PC

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Facebook chat messenger for Windows is good for all those who love to chat with their Facebook friends.

Facebook is a popular social networking site and most of us log in to our Facebook Account atleast once every day.Facebook messenger app for Android and iOS device is already a hit.

However,Facebook chat messenger for desktop is only for Windows 7 users.

To use the messenger after downloading you will be required to log in to your Facebook Account through browser to use it.

Facebook chat messenger for Windows features

You can check your Facebook friend’s request, private message or any other notification but when you will click on notifications it will take to browser,see who is online and invite to chat and see your ticker news.

Facebook chat sounds similar to Gtalk and Windows live.To initiate chat just double click on your friend’s name and a window will appear where you can initiate chat.

Facebook chat messenger for Windows 7 is still in beta stage and it does not let you do Video chat.

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