Make Your Own Facebook Cover for Free With Facebook Cover Maker

Whether we like it or not – our Facebook profiles are an expression of who we are, of how we would like our lives to perceive to be, and, one element of that self-expression is our Facebook Cover photo.

Whereas some of us currently use our own photographs for our Facebook Cover profile, few of us bother to make our own Facebook Cover instead electing to choose a custom Facebook Cover from a website on the internet.

Facebook Cover Maker by Athena IT Limited is trying to change this with its new tool that does exactly what it says in its name – make Facebook covers.

The purpose of the Facebook Cover Maker app is to enable the easy creation of your own Facebook Cover without the hassle of learning how to use a graphic design facility like Adobe Paint Shop Pro. Whilst this cover maker app does eliminate the complexities of making your own custom Facebook Cover it does somewhat limit the possibilities of what you can create. With that said, there are many cover variations that you can make with Facebook Cover Maker. Most users won’t find this an issue.

Whilst Facebook Cover Maker is not intended to replace the need for graphic design packages such as Adobe Photoshop for those that want truly unique Facebook Covers with an advanced degree of self-expression, it is designed to provide a higher degree of self-expression than simply finding a Facebook Cover on the internet and setting it as your Facebook Cover of choice.

Why Would You Use Facebook Cover Maker?

You would use Facebook Cover Maker to make a custom Facebook Cover when you want to make a unique Facebook Cover but don’t want to spend hours making something with an advanced graphics package. You would use Facebook Cover Maker in preference to downloading a Facebook Cover from the internet where you don’t want to have end up with selection that someone else has already made.

Why Wouldn’t You Use Facebook Cover Maker?

Facebook Cover Maker isn’t useful if you are unwilling to spend five minutes during the creation process to select your preferences. It also wouldn’t be useful to people that specialize in graphic design or have a particular flair for computer aided design where they really want to show off their works of art.


To conclude Facebook Cover Maker is a useful tool with which to make a custom Facebook Cover where you do not wish to spend hours during the creation process but still wish to have something cool and unique.

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