Free Tools To Monitor Website Downtime

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Bloggers/Webmasters have to constantly monitor their site so that there is no downtime.If you want to monitor your sites then there are many paid and free website tools for the same.

In this article we will deal with some free online website monitoring tools through which you will get regular update via email or sms when your site goes down.

To use these website monitoring service however you will have to submit the URL which you want to monitor and your email address.

Free Website Monitoring Tools

1. Pingdom – Pingdom is the most common tool used by most.It provides you email, text and twitter alerts regarding downtime of your site.There is an option of free account that can monitor one website and it also includes 20 SMS alerts.

In Pingdom you can set the time interval for monitoring your site and can check your site after every 1 minute and send you down time report.

Host Tracker
– Host Tracker is basically a paid service with light package starting from $4.99 per month but it also provides free account.

Features of Host Tracker

Possibility to receive error notifications both to your Email, ICQ, GTalk or cell-phone via SMS.

Possibility to receive specified (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) reports.

Accumulation of availability statistics with further reporting.

Resource accessibility instant check.
Uptime button.

Distributed monitoring;
Instant site check.

Monitoring period – every 1/5/15/30/60 minutes.

The HEAD/POST/GET HTTP-methods support.

3.SiteUpTime: SiteUpTime has both free and paid plans to monitor your site downtime.With free plan you can monitor one site after every 30/60 minute checks.Paid options are $5/month for monitoring 3 months whereas for monitoring 6 websites it is $10/month.

Available monitoring options are HTTP,POP3,DNS,SMTP,Ping,FTP,SSL,Custom TCP Ports,Web Page Content and HTTP Password Protection.

4. InternetSeer: InternetSeer is said to the world’s largest website monitoring service and main features of services include Services include Availability Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, , Transaction Monitoring, Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting and Link and Image Checking.

It has both free and service plans.

5. MON.ITOR.US: MON.ITOR.US is the free service to monitor your website downtime and the sign up process is very easy.It has no limitation of number of sites which it can monitor.

Which website monitoring tool you prefer.
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