Hide Text In Image Easily

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Sometimes we need to hide important files or passwords from others for security reasons.You can hide text in image by using some software.
To protect your important files from unauthorized access you can hide it in image files without changing the image size with a free tool Imagehide.

How to Hide Text In Image

First, download the free tool from the link mentioned below and run .exe file.Imagehide has simple UI.

Upload image file from your computer using “Load Image” button.

In this step write secret text message by clicking on “Write Data” button and save the image which you have uploaded in BMP or PNG format by clicking on “Save Image” button.Encrypt the message using the password.

After encrypting the message you can send the image file to the concerned person to read.However, the person will need the tool to read the message by clicking on “DeCrypt” button and the password.

Download Imagehide

It is easy to hide text in image using this freeware worth a try!You can also use DOS commands to hide files in image.

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