How To Delete Amazon Account

If you have an Amazon Account and want to delete it permanently, the steps to do it are simple and are clearly stated below with illustrated images. There can be a few reasons to delete your account from Amazon.

Reasons To Delete Amazon Account

1. The advertising and promotional emails disturbing your inbox or you do not like the look of the website and the tiny images for displaying the products.

2. If you work for Amazon and you don’t want to work for them anymore. According to their employers, they are termed to be terrible employers.

3. Lower prices, lower delivery costs and better offers on other websites.

However, whether your reason is listed here or not, let us just show you how to get rid of your Amazon account. The steps are;

Steps To Delete Amazon Account

Enter Amazon: The very first step is to go to the Amazon website. Open your web browser on your computer and visit the site.


Sign In: Sign in to your Amazon account with the email account and password you had registered with.

Go to your orders: Click on ‘Account & Lists’ and then click on ‘Your Orders’.


Order History: Go through your order history. You cannot have an order pending or on the way to delivery and also delete your Amazon account. The illustrated image below shows there are no orders in 6 months but all you need to know that there should not be any order in process.

In case you have orders pending but you are in a rush to delete your Amazon account, you can simply cancel your pending orders and go back to deleting your account. You can cancel your order by clicking on Orders ->Open Orders ->Cancel Orders. You will get proper confirmation once canceled.

Click on Help: You will see a ‘Help option as shown in the image below.

Otherwise, scroll down on the homepage all the way to the bottom. As shown in the image below, on the bottom right you will see ‘Let Us Help You’ Click on the last option, ‘Help’ there, it would be written in White.


Click More Help: Now take the cursor to ‘Need More Help?’ You will see more option popping up on the right. Click on ‘Contact Us’.


1.  Sign In Again: You might be asked to sign in Again. Go ahead and sign in again.


 2. Click on Prime or Something Else: Once on the Contact Us page you will see four tabs to click on. Click on Prime or Something Else.

Click on the drop-down: Now click on the drop down that says ‘Please make a selection’.

Login and Security: Now select the option ‘login and security’ and you will notice another drop-down option popup.


Close my account: In the second drop-down choose the option, ‘Close my account’.


Choose an option for contact: Select an option for contact.


Contact Option: You will be asked to choose the time and day of contact. Once you make the choice you will be taken to the other option.

If you choose the phone option you will come to a page like this;



You will soon receive an email confirmation if you chose email option.

Account closure: You cannot finish the process of closing your account yourself. The customer care rep who will contact you will do that for you, and once your account is deleted by the customer care rep, you will receive an account closure confirmation email and text message in 12 to 24 hours.

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