Amazon Echo: How To Set Up Amazon Echo

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a category of smart speakers produced by After gaining success with the Amazon Kindle, which is an e-book reader, Amazon decided to work on introducing smart speakers. The company has been manufacturing and selling Echo smart speaker since 2010, now the brand’s name is simply shortened to Echo.

To know Amazon Echo and use it efficiently, one must know Alexa. Alexa is default name chosen for the intelligent digital person assistant that responds when you call out saying, ‘Alexa’, ‘computer’, ‘Echo’ or ‘Amazon’. These are wake words and you have to set up any one of these names as the ‘wake word’.

The image below shows the Amazon Echo unboxed:

The image below describes the parts of the Amazon Echo:


Amazon Echo is one of the most popular brands of speakers among the smart speakers available online today. It has

gained popularity all over the world not just because of its smart size and looks, but because of the features and capabilities, it comes with. Amazon Echo has many features and these are the most attractive ones;

  • It can make to-do lists for you.
  • It is capable of voice interaction.
  • It has a music playback option.
  • It can set alarms for you.
  • It can play audiobooks for you.
  • It has a feature for streaming podcasts.
  • It can provide real-time information related to traffic and weather.
  • One of the most popular features it has is its capability of controlling smart devices with the help of the home automation hub feature.

Now let’s talk about what most people get confused with i.e.

How to set up Amazon Echo?

As shown in the image below, Amazon Echo is really simple to set up and use.



However, we will walk you through the process step by step.

There are 4 simple steps to set up Amazon Echo.

1. Download and Install Alexa App

The Alexa app is available to download from the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or the Apple App Store. You can click on any of the links below to get to the store.

Apple App Store

Google Play

Amazon Appstore

If you would like to connect it to your computer instead, visit . The experience it better with Wi-Fi as it requires good speed.

When using a smartphone or table the device has to have any one of these operating systems; Fire OS 3.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher to be able to connect.

Once you’re on the app store type “Alexa app” in the search box and download and install the first app that comes up with the search result.

2. Turn on the First Generation Echo

You will find a power adapter when you unbox the Amazon Echo. Plug it into the smart speaker and switch it on. You will see the light ring turning blue and then orange in color. You will find the Amazon Echo (1st generation) greeting you.


3. Connect To Wi-Fi

It is mandatory to connect to the internet. We suggest having a Wi-Fi connectivity. In case the Amazon Echo is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network simply restart it by unplugging and plugging it into the power outlet. You can click on Reset Your Echo Device for more guidelines.

4. Wake Alexa

Your Amazon Echo(1st generation) is ready to use. Say the default wake word, “Alexa” to start the device. You can now change the wake word to any of the other options available. Naturally, speak to Alexa and enjoy your Amazon Echo (1st generation).

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