How To Set Up Your Amazon Kindle

Do you have the latest Amazon Kindle e-Reader but don’t know how to set it up? Amazon Kindle has created a digital book revolution. Amazon Kindle lets users browse, buy, borrow and share digital books. Kindle is simple and easy to use just like a traditional book. With Kindle, you can adjust text size, the spacing of lines, brightness which can be ideal for individuals who are having poor eyesight. If you are someone who enjoys reading books while traveling, Kindle is the right thing for you. No need to increase your luggage while traveling now. For those who have recently bought an Amazon Kindle and struggling to set up read on.

Make sure that you are connected to a proper Wi-Fi connection to register kindle to your Amazon Account and download e-books which you have purchased.

Set Up Your Kindle- Steps To Be Followed

From Home, tap on Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

Now, tap Settings.

Tap My account: you will see two options.

If you already have an Amazon Account:

Tap this option and enter your Amazon account information.

Then tap on Register. Once your registration process is complete your name will appear as the Registered User.

If you do not have an Amazon Account:

Tap on this option and follow the instructions from their to set up a new Amazon account. You will be required to enter information such as your Name, email address and more.

At the end you will get a prompt to sign up for a kindle Unlimited trial.

Once you have set up your Amazon Kindle you can go ahead and download free and paid books to read.


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