How To Share Books And Remove Books From Amazon Kindle

Kindle has become a must-have device for book lovers across the world. The amazon kindle e-book reader makes reading e-books a far better experience. You can lend or borrow e-book as and when you want, more conveniently now. Also, in case the borrower does not own a Kindle e-book reader, just the Kindle reading app would suffice.

There are some very important rules regarding sharing e-books.

Only eligible e-books can be shared.

An e-book can be shared only once.

Currently, magazines and newspapers cannot be shared.

The borrower will have to return the book in 14 days.

Once you lend the book and the book is accepted by the borrower you cannot read that book for the next 14 days.

In case the book is not accepted by the borrower within 7 days after lending, the book will become available to read or lend again.

There are two ways of lending a book on Kindle. You can share e-books from the ‘product detail’ page or from the ‘manage your content and devices’ page.

The steps to share e-books on kindle from the product detail page are;

Look for the book you would like to lend.

On the detail page click on ‘Loan this book’.

Now you will be on the ‘loan this book’ page where you will be able to enter the email address of the borrower.

The lender must send the Kindle book loan notification to the borrower’s personal email and not to the borrower’s Kindle email address.

Once details are mentioned hit ‘send now’.

How To Set Up Amazon Kindle

Now the steps to share or lend a Kindle e-book from the ‘manage your content and devices’ page.

Click on Manage Your Content and Devices.

Once the page opens, click on the actions button for the book you want to lend and then click on ‘loan this title’.

In case the ‘Loan this title’ option is not showing up that means the book is ineligible for lending.

Now provide the borrower’s email address in the box and enter any message if required.

Again, you must send the book loan notification to the borrower’s personal email address and not to the kindle email address.

Finally, click on ‘send now’.

This was about lending the e-book to someone. Now if you have to borrow an e-book the lender will have to put in your email address to receive the e-book and hit ‘send now’.

The steps which you should follow:

You will receive an email saying “A loaned book for you”.

You will see an option saying, ‘Get your loaned book now’. Click on that button and you will be lead to a different page where you would be able to accept the loan.

You will have to sign in to your Amazon account.

Select the device for storing the book, and click on ‘accept loaned book’.

In case you do not have a Kindle e-reader, a fire tablet or even the Kindle reading app, when you click on ‘accept loaned book’ it will take to the page to download the app.

The book will now load on your device and you will be able to immediately start reading it.

Now, in case you would like to permanently remove the book from you e-book collection;

To Permanently Remove Books From Amazon Kindle

Log in to your Amazon Kindle Account.

Select the book you no longer want.

Click on ‘Remove from Device’ and the book will be gone.

When on the computer go to your Amazon online account. Click on the ‘delete’ option from the drop-down next to the book you want to delete.

Click on, ‘yes, delete permanently’ when prompted.

The book will be deleted permanently.

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