Password Protect Bookmark In Firefox

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Want to password protect bookmark in Firefox so that others can’t view if on shared computer?
Many times we need to protect our bookmarks in Firefox which can be done easily by a Firefox add-on called LinkPassword. With this Add-on you can encrypt and password protect your Firefox bookmark.If anyone tries to access those links will have to enter password.

How to password protect bookmark

At first you will have to install Link Password and then restart the browser.You will find Link Password as an icon on your address- bar if you hover as shown in image below.

To apply password to already bookmarked link simply select and right click and press on “Encrypt Link” and enter a password.

When you try open a link which is password protected then you will get a message “This page is password protected”.You will be required to add password to unlock the link.

You can encrypt any webpage by clicking on Link Password icon on your address-bar which cannot be accessed by anyone even if your browser is open. History of those links can’t be tracked as they are encrypted.

To remove the protection, right click the bookmark link and select “Decrypt Links”.

Even if you un-install the add-on you will be unable to access the links so better to keep a back up.

Have you tried to password protect bookmark in Firefox? Give it a try!

Install Link Password

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