How To Play Cut The Rope Online For Free

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Cut The Rope is one of the most popular paid game for Android and iOS device. However, now you can play Cut The Rope for free on your browser.All thanks to ZentoLab,PixelLabs and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team who have created HTML 5 game.

According to the developer the game is to be played on Internet Explorer 9 but it played fine on Mozilla Firefox.

How to play Cut The Rope for free

Play Cut The Rope from your browser and enjoy the addictive game.

To play the game from your browser you will be required to go to and game takes few minutes to load.You have the option to turn the sound of the music “OFF” while you play the game.

With Windows 8 developer preview being released the developer of the game will port this HTML5 experience to a Windows 8 Metro style app.

Play Cut The Rope Game

For those who want to play Cut The Rope game on their Android device here is the download link.

Download Cut The Rope for Android

Download Cut The Rope for Android

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