Send Anonymous Emails To Friends And Play Pranks

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Do you want to send anonymous emails? Many times to protect privacy or to play a prank on our friends or even during the season of love anonymous emails are being sent.

If you send anonymous emails you cannot be traced as it hides your IP address along with other details.But you should beware as you should not use these services for conducting any illegal activities.

How to send anonymous emails?

1. AnonEmail: You can any number of emails without revealing your personal information for free.While using this service your IP address will not be traced.

2. Silent Sender: In this you will be required to enter the recipients mail address, your desired message and security code and then you can send your message.The message which you send is 256-bit encrypted SSL connection always.

3. Send Anonymous Email :It is one of the trusted service to send anonymous mails however, your IP address is noted so that you don’t do any illegal activities.

Have you tried to send anonymous emails to your friends to play pranks on them?

* This post is only for educational purpose, don’t conduct any illegal activities.

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