How To Share Documents Using QR Codes

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QR code or Quick Response code is 4296 alpha-numerical two dimensional code which can be read only by a smartphone. QR code can be also used to share documents online in “real time” with others.

TagMyDoc which is in beta stage has changed the way a document is shared online among peers and clients instantly in “real time’.

How to Share Documents Using QR Codes

Using TagMyDoc is very simple, it uploads your document and add QR code.You can share your document uploaded in TagMyDoc with others instantly. Recipients will receive digital copy of the document on their smartphone or through a link.No need to send emails to the recipients.

The document which you share on TagMydoc is stored in Cloud which you can access from anywhere.

Go through the video to know more on how to share documents using QR codes using TagMyDoc

Basic plan of TagMydoc is free with Cloud Storage cloud storage of 1 GB with unlimited document distribution upto 14 days and the document supported are – jpg, tiff, png, bmp, doc, docx, ppt, pptx and pdf.For basic plan file size limit per document is 5MB.

Advantages of using TagMydoc for document sharing

TagMydoc stores the documents in safe and centralized location which can be accessed from anywhere.

You can delete the documents which you share and can also protect it using password.

Save time as well as paper as no need to carry hard copy of the document.

TagMydoc will also release plugins for Word and PowerPoint soon.

Have you tried TagMydoc to share document online?


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