Shutdown Computer With AutoShutter Automatically

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Would it not be interesting that your Computer shuts down automatically after the task is finished and mean while you can take a break.

While downloading huge files at night you don’t want to wait that long to shut down your computer and hence, to resolve the issue you can opt automatic shutdown of your PC after a specified time.

With AutoShutter which is a free software you can schedule automatic shut down of your computer.

Using AutoShutter is easy as it is there in your system tray and shut down your computer at a schedule time.

You have the option to shutdown, reboot, standby or hibernate your computer automatically.

You will have to download the .exe file from the link given below,set the time you want to perform the required task and then just click Apply.

You can also set up alarm in AutoShutter which will ring when a task is being executed.

AutoShutter is of size 11.9 MB, requires 128 RAM and above and supports Windows 7,Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The software also has hotkeys for shutdown, restart,log off,hibernate and standby to perform various tasks easily.

Download AutoShutter

Download AutoShutter

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