Harnessing Social Media Networks for Freelance Jobs

Lots of people in the world today have moved over to internet business. Majority of these people are freelancers who prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. Freelancing is a very lucrative profession as it eliminates stress and direct supervision. As a freelancer, you are the boss of yourself and therefore will not be controlled by anyone. Some freelancers make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by doing different types of jobs from the comfort of their homes. Freelance jobs could involve article writing and rewriting, copy writing, programming, software design and development and lots more.

Social media networks

Many social media networks exist in the world today. Since the advent of the internet, social media networks became popular and take over a greater percentage of activities done in the internet. Some social media networks include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and lots more.

Freelancers and Social media networks

There are many ways by which freelancers can obtain jobs per day. Some of these methods include visiting some renowned sites for freelancing which could be freelancer.com, guru.com and lots more. However, you can also take advantage of the social media networks available today in finding jobs daily. Lots of clients are available in these social media networks to give anyone that provides quality portfolios online. You can follow the tips outlined below in order to obtain jobs through social media networks.

Obtaining jobs through Twitter

Twitter is one of the most wonderful social media networks available today. It has a very customizable search option that makes it simply the best social media network. With twitter, you can search specifically for the type of job you want and then follow any option provided for you. For instance, searching “freelancer” or “outsourcing” would produce lots of options and therefore you follow them.

However, it does not just end at following the options provided; you should also be able to link your online portfolio to the site so that your clients can see what you offer even without asking for it. This will aid you in winning lots of clients to yourself.

Freelance jobs through Facebook

Facebook is a very bulky social media network used by lots of people in the world today. However, cannot be used to effectively win business audience as much as Twitter does. In order to effectively obtain jobs through facebook, you need to create separate business account so that your clients will not see your latest date with friends within the week.You can also post wonderful portfolios online in order to advertise yourself.

Freelance jobs through Pinterest and YouTube

Pinterest and YouTube are very important social media networks for freelancers. Through these social media networks, you will be able to meet lots of clients and increase your network. However, Pinterest and YouTube are not for every freelancer. Only freelancers that can handle video and audio production can use these social media network.

LinkedIn is also a very wonderful social media network that has requisite functionality. These social media networks provide avenue for freelancers to find assorted kinds of jobs. However, you should not rely on them for quick work.

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