Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance also commonly referred to as SQA is made up of ways of scrutinizing software engineering procedures plus approaches utilized in guaranteeing quality. Techniques used to attain software quality assurance are many and varied. The techniques can entail conforming to either one or multiple standards, for example, ISO 9000.
Objectives of Software Quality Assurance
Software quality assurance has been built to:
– Offer regular and reliable checks to make certain that data integrity, precision and wholeness are maintained.
– Recognize and tackle mistakes plus omissions.
– Record and document inventory materials as well as recording every quality control activities.
Software quality assurance cannot be included to an application being developed in the final stages. Quality assurance has to be integrated at the start of the application development process. Thereafter, it is constantly monitored through the software lifecycle. There is no sole solution that can offer remedy. However, organizations are urged to make use of tools plus procedures which will enable them to avoid failures. What this means is that the application is able to meet the needs of the customer.
Microsoft is one of the few software development companies that have been able to offer its consumers with quality assurance tools. Microsoft understands that the increasing complexly of applications being developed calls for both development team and testing team to work hand-in-hand in order to ensure that the application released into the market is of high standard. Visual Studio is one of programs that can be used to monitor the quality of an application through the development life cycle.
Quality Control Activities
Quality control activities comprise of general techniques, for example, accuracy checks as well as data acquisition plus calculations on data. Quality control activities also entail the utilization of authorized standardized processes for emission computations, estimation of uncertainties, reporting plus measurements. Other techniques applied in high tire quality control comprise of technical reviews alongside emission factor data techniques.
Quality assurance activities also comprise of prearranged systems of procedure reviews carried out by employees who are not directly involved in the application development process. The best reviews are those which are provided by third parties and ought to be carried out only upon finishing quality control procedures. Reviews are carried out to make certain that data integrity purposes have been duly met. Reviews are also carried out to make certain that the inventories used are the best representations of emissions.
Implementing Quality Assurance
Implementing software quality assurance processes need time, skills and resources. The following are some of the judgments that will need to be made during the quality assurance process:
– The amount of resources devoted to quality assurance.
– The amount of time allotted in order to carry out checks as well as appraisals of emissions approximations.
– Accessibility plus availability of details regarding activity data.
Software quality assurance is an important activity that every software developer needs to take into consideration when building an application. Quality assurance will ensure that the developed software can meet the needs of the market.

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