Some Online Tools for Social Media

Social media today is everywhere. It has a place in your houses, schools, colleges and not to mention business organizations. People have been widely using the Social media from the later part of the previous decade and are getting a lot more curious about it today.

The number of social networking sites has grown up a lot; this means a large headache for marketing professionals. To avoid the headache, here are a few social media online tools that you must use both in your professional as well as personal life:

EditFlow: It is a nice plug in from the WordPress CMS platform which will allow you to manage the editorial works very easily. The plugin allows you to get a pictorial snapshot of month by month posts on your blog. It is a very nice plugin from the editorial point of view.

TweetReach : The tweetreach tool allows the users to see the geographical range of their tweets. It gives a good insight on the tweets just like the facebook page’s insights summary. It will also tell you the number of retweets, number of replies to the tweets and other cool feature that will help you track your activity on twitter.


It is a Tweet matric tool. You might thing that it is just like other tweet matriconline tools but actually it will let you search hash tags specifically. By which you can have the insights about following people on twitter.

If you have found the person whom you want to follow then by using TweetLevel you can measure his/her social influence. With help of this you will be able to evaluate the buzz of particular topics, and by this you can decide that it’s worth paying attention to the topic or not. Then after you can check for the related topics around the topic in which you are interested to measure the true scope about trending area of your topic.


In the twitter the numbers of people you follow is not as important as the people who follow you.

Twitter Search:

You might be using this tool among other online tools, but there are some useful tips available on the internet for using it properly like if you want to see the reviews of people for your opponent search for to:competeter.


This is a useful tool to follow the people who have got influence in your field. With the help of these you can easily identify the authorities which can attract the clients to your account.


This is a tool which allows you to let you know the people who have influence in your field and helps you to understand them and you can also interact with them and you campaign can also be monitored. In the feature “Competitive influence” you can specify the brands to know about your influencers.

Social Scope:

It’s especially for the BlackBerry users who don’t have any application which combines Facebook and Twitter on any one application. With this app you can combined it. And by this you can also have a thumbnail image if anyone shares a TwitPic. It have features like retweeting and search for hash tag, you can also see the whole URL to know where actually the URL points.

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