Get the Hunch of the Stylish LG Intuition

LG has in the recent past been fighting to scoop its own share of the smart phone market against other players like Samsung, Apple’s iphones and Nokia. The LG Intuition closely resembles the Samsung Galaxy Note but much larger. In fact, it falls somewhere between a tablet and a smart phone when it comes to size, a perfect solution for individuals who need either of the two.

Design and Appearance

You may find it really tricky carrying the voluminous LG Intuition and even using it on a daily basis. But it has a unique appearance, as it comes in shades of glass, chrome-y accents and black plastics with its dimpled pattern plus a lusterless finish. The Intuition is about one centimeter wider than the Galaxy Note and a 4:3 aspect ratio display. It is generally plain and simple but you will have problems holding it in your hands due to its size. Forget about sticking this phone into your pockets, it may either not fit and if it does eventually, it will stick out like a bad toe. Below the display are four control keys that you might find it fiddly to adjust with just a single hand. On the left edge is the SIM card tray and the ports are at the top


LG Intuition’s 5-inch display, uses the In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD panel, similar to the one used by Apple’s iPad. Its screen is packed with a massive 1024 x 768 pixels and the colors are just marvelous. Connectivity shouldn’t be problem as the phone supports 4G network with stronger signal based on the areas of coverage for much clearer calls and speedy browsing. The non-replaceable 1,080mAh battery that is masked inside the phone runs out quite fast. This might be because the LTE 4G cannot be toggled on and off, eating up most of the power.

The Customization

Other than some minor customization by the maker, the LG intuition runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and you can see the app icons in two varied sizes. The apps are listed alphabetically, but you can always rearrange in a way that best suits your needs. It also has four themes that can be adjusted the moment they are active. Most of the tough tasks are made much easier with the 1.5GHz dual-core processor integrated.

Calling and Messaging

Using the Android 4.0 contacts and calling apps, it is very easy to make calls and adjust features like mute, add line, send to Bluetooth, speakerphone, among others. There are many other widgets on the home screen for managing contacts and messaging. Integrated are email, Google+, Gmail, Ice Cream Sandwich SMS, Google+ Messenger, among others. You will however have to download and install Twitter and Facebook as they are not preinstalled.

Other Great Features;

• Camera; 8 megapixel camera incorporated for taking decent usable images and videos.
• Gallery: Uses the stock Android 4.0 gallery features for photos, videos and music plus editing features like cropping of photos.
• Bluetooth: Easily wirelessly connects with other Bluetooth active devices
• Browser: Incorporated Android 4.0 browser but you can download Chrome for Android free
• Clock: On the home screen
• GPS: Google Maps for walking or driving directions.
• Quick Memo: Scribble on images or screenshots and share them with friends, includes stylus.

The Conclusion
The LG Intuition is definitely not one of those gadgets you would like to use on a daily basis, mainly because of its massive size. However, it is packed with some great features and apps that will definitely enhance your smart phone experience.