How To Test Websites On Multiple Browsers

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If you are a website designer then you have a daunting task of designing attractive websites and then checking its compatibility across multiple browsers for your clients.

If you are looking for options for checking the compatibility of your site/blog then you should opt for below mentioned services.

How To Test Website in Different Browsers

1. Browsershot:Browsershot is a free online tool which lets you to test site on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, BSD, Gecko and more.It has option of testing site compatibility in over 70 browsers.

To check your site compatibility you will have to enter your site URL and click on submit.You can select the options by clicking on the checkbox.The more options you select the more time it will take to check browser compatibility.

You can opt for paid option by paying $29.95 USD monthly where you won’t have to wait in queue to process your request and in just few minutes you will be able to get 50 screenshots.

Screenshots of my blog:

2. Adobe BrowserLab: Adobe BrowserLab is another free online service to check multiple browser compatibility of websites.However, to use this service you will have to register with Adobe and log in using to your Adobe Account using your Username and Password.The free service will expire on April 12, 2012.

Click on the option Test link at the top of the application window of BrowserLab and then enter the URL name to test its browser compatibility.You will have to choose 2-up View or Onion Skin View from the option View menu which you will find in the right side of the URL text box.

You can preview your site in FireFox, Firefox, Safari and IE for Windows and OS X.

If you want to opt for Paid services to view your site in multiple browsers then you can opt for BrowserCam.

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