The Edge-to-Edge Motorola RAZR i-Tech on the Go

Dubbed the edge-to-edge smartphone, Motorolla’s RAZR I competes fairly in the now crowded smartphone market. It is a sleek phone that is powered by the Intel processor and fairly fast, perfect for playing games and staying engaged with various integrated apps, but may not be an ideal choice for running multiple programs.

Design and Look

The phones cover is soft to touch and the screen is protected by the Gorilla Glass display that doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the screen at all. The front is designed from some shade of aluminium while the soft back cover is made from soft Kevlar. It is actually a progression of Motorolla’s tough phone designs that can withstand some serious mishandling.

You can access almost all the home and back buttons plus plentiful apps straight from the Android desktop, and therefore don’t expect any touch buttons below the display. The most outstanding feature of the phone is definitely the 4.3 inch display surrounded by a 2-3 aluminium frame that is bigger than most smart phones. The size of the screen translates that you will have a better experience streaming videos or using the apps. The colors are bright and deep.

The Processor and Android Cream Sandwich

The phone is powered by a 2GHz Intel Atom chip, which is a really flop especially compared to the competition. Newer smart phones are concentrating on the speed and memory, and Motorolla would have done better. It however runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This means that if your ideal use of a smartphone is multitasking without experiencing any performance lags, then you are safer if you choose alternative options. Toggling the home page will reveal a line of apps, widgets and notifications.


You can take photos using the integrated 8 megapixel camera by simply hitting the dedicated shutter keys in the right-hand edge of the RAZR I which will automatically fire up the camera even if it is in sleep mode or on a different app. You can then take the shot by pressing it again but you should expect some lag from the shutter. You can take up to 10 pictures every second using the multi-shot burst mode. The pictures taken are sharp, decent and usable, just ensure to hold the phone steadily.

Battery Life

If you are always on the move, then you will love the RAZR I. It has one of the most powerful batteries any smartphone can pride of currently. You can text, email and call and use some apps for as long as 2 days without recharging. But if you use it extensively then you may have to recharge it more often, but still, it takes eight hours of continuous video streaming to fully drain the battery, this is longer than what most phones with similar capabilities can manage.

The Conclusion

The fairly powerful and stylish RAZR I is a good smartphone for average usage. The design is impressive, the screen is wide enough, comes with the latest apps and the battery life is superb. However, the processor speed is its biggest drawback, especially for heavy users who prefer running several programs at the same time. All in all, it is a great phone and retails fairly compared to other similar brands.

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