The iPhone 6, So Many Rumors, So Little Real Information

There are many rumors floating around for the release of the newest new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. It seems to most of us that the 5 was just released, along with the iPad 2, and iPad mini, some of us are feeling Apple burnout. The feeling of rollout exhaustion is leaving most of wondering if the newer version will be worth the hype, or just an attempt to gain some, much needed advertising, and excitement for Apple products. There are some things that are being speculated about.

Scheming of iphone 6

There is speculation that the iPhone 6 will be sleeker, and thinner, than current versions. In an attempt to curb the large battery requirements to run the existing LCD monitor, Apple is believed to be experimenting with a new “poly-silicon” liquid crystal display to put, not only on their new iPhone version, but to their other iPad products as well. Since bigger seems to be better selling, it is thought that they may increase the size of the display screen to make watching movie and videos more enjoyable.

Captivating software

In an attempt to compete with the Android models, Apple is said to be experimenting with the iOS 7 operating system. It is a ramped up version of the iOS 6, with faster processing speed, for lightening fast information streaming. It can keep up with the demands of video streaming.


To extend the life of the battery, the LCD upgrade should help. Since battery life is always a concern, any increases they can make to the battery, without interfering with the design, would be a much needed improvement.

Features of iPhone 6

The entire buzz in the new features of the iPhone 6 is the notion of a thumbprint detection device. The thumbprint detection would make the passcode of your phone unnecessary. Instead of being annoyed by inputting a four digit code, you can just touch the screen and it unlocks for easy use. To keep the integrity of design, they are attempting to incorporate it into the already existing design, hidden to not change it in any way.


What’s the price of this new invention? It is believed that Apple will lower the cost of the new iPhone in relation to the other models that have rolled out. Trying to gain back the younger generations who are not all that interested in Apple anymore, the marketing ploy is to make it more affordable for younger consumers. The younger generation has begun to turn to other phone companies, considering Apple no longer “cool”. Being a huge demographic for Apple, there is an attempt to try to win them back. Whether using price selling point as a useful tool is going to help, or not, remains to be seen.

Dual camera

There is no talk about what innovations will be made to the existing camera. It is already one of the highest quality accessories on the market, so they may decide to just leave it alone.

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