The New Programs in NVIDIA Certification and Testing

NVIDIA has been an enterprise and endeavor that maintains a standard and strives for better quality of the enterprise and accomplishes the requirements of different business applications. For this purpose, the NVIDIA’s enterprise solutions have developed a comprehensive and inclusive system of certification program and testing schedules.

NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics
The main distinctive certification programs are offered with the association of NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics boards. These boards are certified from the prominent and leading ISVs on the professional software applications which ensureoutstanding performance and excellent result.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS solutions
Moreover, there are NVIDIA Certification ExamsQuadro NVS solutions which are completely tested to see their compatibility with those corporate which are business leading and industry-leading groups as well as financial applications which include Reuters, Microsoft Office Suite and Bloomberg.

NVIDIA Business Platform
A distinctive and inimitable certification schedule and program is catered by the NVIDIANVD-001 exam Business Platform. It delivers and offers compatibility between the NVIDIA hardware and software, AMD CSIP processors, system components, and enables the selection of business applications. This NVIDIA is the one certified image PC which is accessible by the system builder and through the value-added reseller (VAR) channel. It is stable enough to conduct a meticulousand comprehensive certification progressionwith the system builders and motherboard manufacturers. Thus, guaranteeing that each NVIDIA Business Platform PC complies with the premier standards of eminence forcommerce and business industry.

GPU Invention
With the invention of GPU in 1999, NVIDIA has aroused the industrial world to get it familiarized with the strength and importance of computer graphics. After that, the world has experienced consistent development and height in the standards of visual computing. It has come up with alluring, superlative and interactive graphics which are seen on tablets and other portable devices as well as workstations and notebooks.

NVIDIA has launched many new training programs and certification systems for the GPU computing developers. Currently, the network and ecosystem adjoining the NVIDIA CUDA architecture has received a significant boost up. This has occurred due to the establishment and organization of innovative programs in order to advance the area of general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU).
The new programs that have come in the limelight recently are being a part of teaching programs in many about 350 universities. These new programs teach CUDA programs and have led to the increased utility of GPUs.

Following are the new programs:
CUDA Certification Program
This is the first and far most program to certify proficiency in GPUs programming for qualified GPGPU engineers.

CUDA Research Centers
This program looks for the institutions that hold GPU Computing crosswisea number of research fields.
CUDA Teaching Centers Officially, this programdistinguishes the institutions that have incorporatedthe techniques and methods of GPU Computing into their conventional computer training core curriculum.

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