The Story Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

People around the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day on 14th February every year. People, especially the young couples wait for this special day every year. This day is well known as the lover’s day in which flowers, gifts candy many other gifts or symbol of love and togetherness being exchanged between the lovers. People around the world have various conceptions related to the celebration of this day. Some of them believe that this day is being celebrated for remembering saint valentine who is supposed as the pioneer of love. On the other hand people believe that this day was started by the Saint Valentine to celebrate love. We are constantly hearing various stories related to the beginning of this special day’s celebration. In this discussion we are going to throw some light on the stories or reasons behind celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The first legend about this day
According to the catholic reorganization there we found three saints with the same name Valentine or Valentines. According to this legend saint Valentine was the person who stands against the unjustified decision of the woman emperor Claudius II of Rome. When emperor prohibited the young men to getting married as he believed that married people are not suitable for serving his country as a soldier. The saint started marrying couples in secret. When people come to know about his deed he was sent to prison where he was killed. Some people say that Saint Valentine was killed because he helped Christians from escaping from the imprisonment where they are brutally bitten and tortured by the Romans.

Another legend about this day
According to some other sources this day was celebrated as the Valentine’s Day because this was the day when Saint Valentine sent his first valentine’s card to a beautiful girl with whom he fell in love with. The girl was believed to the jailors daughters who often come to see a saint during his imprisonment. He sent the card just before his death mentioning “Your Valentine”.

Believe of the people

The legends as well as the continuity of celebration of this day were equally mentioned in the history of Christianity and in the Roman history. The people of both the stream believe in these legends on the same side they are celebrating this day in their own manner but to celebrate only one thing that is love.

Common things about this day

This day is passionately celebrated in all the countries around the world. The most common thing about this celebration is the motive of celebrating the feeling of love. In today’s scenario where people are becoming more and more practical where it become very difficult to believe in love and relationship this day helps to maintain the essence of this feeling. It helps in connecting as well as bonding peoples to share each other’s feeling and the warmth of the most beautiful feeling or gesture which is love and without which life is incomplete. The motive behind celebrating this day is to make people love each other.

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