Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus

Google+, Google’s very own social media service, has a long way to go before even
rivaling all the other social media sites like Facebook, but it has made a name for itself by having
over 100+ million users. Not counting the top 5 Google+ users that include celebrities like Hugh
Jackman, 100+ million is a respectable number, but it begs the question: why should you switch
to Google+? Samantha Murphy of Mashable shares around an infographic showing 20 reasons
why you should switch to Google+. However, among this list of reasons, we shall only talk about
10 of them, as these 10 particular reasons are the most likely to win people over and give them a
very good incentive to switch to Google+. What are these reasons? Here they are:

1.Integration with Google services
Google has already made a number of other widely used services prior to Google+, such
as Gmail and Google Docs. This makes Google+ easy to use as it would be just like using any
other Google service.

2.Better mobile app

A lot of people like to connect to their social media websites on the go. Google+ boasts
their mobile app’s loading speed and overall better design, allowing easy and quick connection
on the go, especially for Android users.

3.Control over your stuff

Google+ uses a feature called “Data Liberation.” This is basically allows easy file
transferring, letting you pack all your data up and move them anytime, anywhere.


Often said to be the best thing about Google+ by users. Hangouts are essentially chat
rooms which come with a bunch of other neat features, like being able to share documents.

5.Easier profile setup

Just like reason no. 1, setting up a profile in Google+ is beyond easy, especially when you
are a user of Google’s other services, making set up difficulty nonexistent.

6.Better search

This is a no brainer. Seeing as Google is perhaps the most popular search engine today,
it wouldn’t be a surprise for Google+ to have the same search features.

7.Elegant notifications
Google+ handles notifications in a way that you can do many things with them from within
the popup. Another great feature is that you can do those things without even being in the
Google+ page.

8.No more friend request fatigue

Perhaps considered a boon to many. Google+ does not use friend requests like
other social media services; instead, the user can simply add or remove anyone to and
from your lists anytime you wish. No need to wait for confirmation from the other party.

9.Less bloat

Stated to be a reason why some users left Facebook; Google+ has less bloat to deal
with, making each page lighter and easier to deal with.

10.Better for business

Using Google+ for business is actually a rather good idea. As you are affiliating yourself
with perhaps the most popular and used search engine, Google+ can enhance your business’

And there you have it. The top 10(out of 20) reasons why you should switch to Google+.
For the full infographic, visit

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