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There have been many developments in the field of technology. This is according to the various news sources that reveal the happenings in the firms. Some of these sources are mainly concerned with offering the news that comes from the tech firms. This is their main duty. The firms have many news sources. These sources offer news, which are trending on the World Wide Web. Some of the news includes-

FOXCONN Forced Labor
There have been allegations that Apple is forcing university students from China to work in the industries before the launch of the new Iphone 5. In a recent statement released to the many news sources, the firm denied all allegations citing them as sabotage from competitors. It is however unclear whether the firm is actually using the students to work in the company’s industries. Similar allegations are facing the competitors of the firm that is Samsung who have also the same problem.
New iMac
The press event gave signs that the firm might include the new line of the iMac. The firm also hinted at unveiling other products from the firm during the press event. The event that was to announce the launch and new features of the iPhone is also to include the new iMac.

Windows And Nokia
The tech firm that is Nokia announced that it had collaborated with the computer giants to release the new phone model from Nokia. The new model that is set to incorporate windows 8 in the device is set for market introduction. The Nokia Lumia 920 is set to be a unique introduction into the world of smart phones.

Virgin TV
The firm announced that it was launching a new form of service to the clients. This is the television service that can reach nearly any place. The new device might be in the market soon. This is according to the sources inside the firm. The Virgin TV anywhere is set to be one of the gadgets of the year.

Sony Xperia Tablet Now In UK

The unique tablet from the tech giants is now available in the united kingdom. The firm announced that product was accessible from all of the firm’s outlets. The tablet is also set for introduction into other various markets.

Standalone iOS YouTube APP
Google announced the launch of the application that utilizes the features of the uploading site. The app is available for all Android phone models.

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