Valentine’s Day Dinner For The Vegetarian

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. It is a day where you spend the whole day or night on a date with your partner, ending it all with a romantic candle-light dinner with just the two of you. It would seem like the perfect scenario with your partner, but what if one of you was a vegetarian? That would mean having to cook something like a salad, but you can’t just cook a plain salad, especially not for this special occasion. This article will provide you with somerecipes you can use for your vegetarian Valentine’s dinner.


In a romantic dinner, your food has to be just as romantic, even the appetizers. Baby spinach with raspberry vinaigrette is one such salad that can fit the bill. Add in some fresh fruit along with the salad for the pink and red colors that perfectly fits the mood. Pomegranate seeds can also add a red color to the salad, as well as taste delicious.

Tempeh Bacon-wrapped Dates is also good choice for your appetizer. Sweet and at the same time, a little salty, it is a finger food ideal for your dinner, as it doesn’t leave a mess. They are also rather easy to make, and you can replace the dates with pineapple slices, if you like.

Red Pepper Walnut Pate is also an excellent choice for an appetizer. Made from red peppers, onion, garlic, parsley and walnuts, it makes for a rich and creamy dip that you can use for just about anything, like crackers or crostini. It is easy to make, too.


For your entrée, there is the Almost-Beef Wellington with Madeira Sauce. Imitation steak strips are needed for the recipe, along with the puff pastry, the creamy mushroom filling and the Madeira sauce, but you practically wouldn’t need the strips after having some of this dish. You can also choose to add porcini or morel mushrooms for flavor and texture.

You can also choose to go with ravioli. Healthy, low in fat and delicious, it makes a great choice for an entrée. Shape your ravioli as hearts so it will fit the mood. After all, it is Valentine’s Day, so why not have it go with the theme?


A dinner can’t be one without a drink to go along with your food, and since it is Valentine’s Day, what could be better than some wine? Though simply bringing out your wine bottle would already be enough, you can choose to spice it up a bit with sangria. With the combination of wine, fruit and the color red, you have the perfect drink to accompany you throughout your romantic dinner.


For dessert, the Strawberry Champagne Sorbet is perhaps the best kind of dessert for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Red colored, made of strawberries, and contains a little alcohol; it is the perfect way to end your romantic dinner.

You can also go with Chocolate Tofu Mousse. Using tofu to replace the cream or eggs, this particular dessert is so rich and thick, you can even add in some pureed raspberries. Maple Syrup can also enhance the mousse with flavor, and vegan coconut whipped cream can make this dessert a romantic one for you and your partner.

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