Verizon: 4M iPhones activates in Q1, half of those were iPhone 5

In its quarterly earnings conference, Verizon gave a report on the number of Smartphones that have been activated so far and they were reaching up to 7.2 million in total.

Activation is usually counted when a device is bought and the account is activated using a particular operating system. Such newly activated devices may be in use for the first time and this makes the activation to count as a sale for the device. It is not always a must that the activated device will continue its use after the activation but it is just an assumption that is made by the companies.An instance is when someone buys a device and activates but find some fault and decide not to use it any more.

Out of this total number of activations, 4 million which is more than half the number were activations made by the iphones. This shows that most of the consumers preferred this particular flagship as compared to others.

What about the iphone 5 activations?
From the total number of the iphone activations which were 4 million, half of them were iphone 5 versions activations. This means that latest Apple’s iphone 5 versions activations rolled up to 2 million which is half of the total activations for the iphones during that period.

This actually shows that iphones have a very dominant performance in the market of Smartphones. But half of the people who like this iphones actually did not take the flagship Smartphone because it was $100 more expensive than the others among the Apples. So these consumers were really trying to save this about.

How is Android performance compared to other Flagships?
There was no particular information given by Verizon’s CFO during the conference about the performance of Android. It is just assumed that the remaining 3.2 million Smartphones were made up of the Android and they were performing quite well being that they had perfect operating system in place.

If more than half of the total number of activations were made by the Android, then this shows that it is much preferred by the users compared to other flagships.

If you are an Android fun then this must be great news for you since you know that these particular devices are much fancied by the consumers. This shows that they are very good in performance and to attain the attention of the users.