What apps are needed on a new iPad?

You have managed to buy your new gadget that completes your collection, and this time, we are not talking about a USB cup or another useless device, which is more interesting than useful. We are talking about the iPad 2, which is the best device of this kind, at least from the point of view of the users. While the device is stable and performing, you will have to know what applications are needed from Cydia for the device to perform at its true capacities.

SB Settings are a veteran program from Cydia, making the access to photos a lot easier.

CyDelete allows deleting apps installed on your iPad directly from the springboard. Without this program, you need to access the Packages every time you need to modify an application, which can be annoying, especially if you have lots of them installed.

PDF Patcher

If you have done the jailbreak with JailbreakMe 3.0, you have used the Exploit PDF, a program built by Comex to overcome the borders imposed around your iPad. The same exploit can be used by the harmful programs that might attack your device; therefore, you must install the PDF Patcher from Cydia to make sure that your device stays safe.


This is a manager for iPad files, which can open any type of file, and it can also be optimized to a web server instantly.


If you want to downgrade your device, you will need the SHSH signature. Therefore, the best idea would be to install iSHSHit, which saves the signature, so you could use it later.


Retina Pad is a magician of Pixels. It can upscale anything that works on full screen, from apps to photos, and it also works on a digital system of the latest generation.

Action Menu

The Action Menu adds some interesting functions to your device, such as History, Lookup and Tweet. Therefore, it is pretty hot, especially for bloggers that need their daily portion of tweets before going to bed.


This app saves serious time for you, as you can customize phrases, so you can write the respective phrases a lot faster. The application is perfect for people that like to stay on chats such as Facebook or Yahoo.

Fast Copy

Fast Copy is a tweak that eliminates the time between a copy and a paste, when you need those functions on your computer. From the factory, there is a moment of delay between copy and paste, but this period is eliminated by FastCopy.


Barrel brings you surprises when you get from one page to the other on your home screen: if you got bored by the order of your apps, let those be rearranged in an original way with Barrel.


This application from Cydia would probably should have been available in the App Store also. This widget allows you to evaluate the applications that are opened at the same time, so you could manage those a lot more efficient. It offers all the management features needed for your apps, optimizing the functioning process of the device.

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