What You Need to Know About Bing Rewards

Recently, Microsoft launched a rewards scheme all of their own dubbed Bing Rewards. As you can imagine, the service rewards you for using Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. Microsoft has been struggling to compete with Google and their major search engine for some time now, and yet Google still reigns supreme. To that end, Bing Rewards is Microsoft’s way of enticing new and regular users to use their search engine more often.

You might have noticed that Bing Rewards recently launched for Android and iOS and you could be wondering what it’s all about. We’re going to take a look at Bing Rewards and let you know just what it is and what you need to know.
What is it?

Bing Rewards is similar to services like Feature Points and others. It rewards you for using Bing instead of Google or Yahoo! with points or credits. These points or credits can then be used to redeem gift cards or free cash. It’s pretty much exactly what it looks like on paper and is no more than Microsoft’s answer to Feature Points.

Unlike Feature Points however, it has only one purpose, which depending on how many web searches you do in a day, could be limiting. Bing Rewards’ sole purpose is to get people to use Microsoft’s search engine, which can be an issue, because if you don’t like Bing, or just don’t do that many searches in a day, then you might struggle to accumulate points quickly. Still, if you find yourself doing searches all day long and don’t mind Bing at all, it can be a good way of getting something for nothing.

How to Use Bing Rewards

Getting set up with Bing Rewards is fairly simple. Depending on where you intend to use it, the process is a little different. You must have either a Facebook account or a Microsoft account (for example, Outlook). In order to get started on the desktop, head to this website. This will take you through signing up and everything like that. From then on, all you need to do is search with Bing to earn points.

You can use the service on Android or iOS as well, bizarrely though there’s no support for Windows Phones just yet. However, it’s not an app on those smartphones; all you need to do is head to the special mobile site and follow the instructions there. While you can easily check how many points you have from the mobile site, you can’t yet redeem them there. It couldn’t be simpler to start using Bing rewards, so there’s no need to hesitate if you think you’d enjoy it.

What Can Bing Rewards Give You?

Microsoft’s reward scheme has a lot on offer when you go to redeem those points. A lot of it is the usual Amazon gift cards and that sort of thing, but there are offers to get free months of Xbox Live and more. The entire list is pretty comprehensive with such gems as:

● Gift Cards for GameStop, Applebees, Starbucks, Target and more
● Food savings at Domino’s, Burger King the IHOP and more
● You can even donate to charities such as Teach for America

The number of points you have obviously determines what you can redeem, with a $5 Amazon gift card needing 340 points and a max of 15 credits earned every day, it can take a long time to get anything back. As such Bing Rewards is only really that good if you use Bing a lot, or can stick at it day after day.

Microsoft Wants you to Bing It!

It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is in need of more users to use their Bing search engine. As such, Bing rewards is their latest attempt to draw in more users. However, with 15 credits a day maximum and most cards costing 300 or more credits, it can take a long time to redeem anything. Still, if you’re type of person that genuinely does a lot of searching during a day, this could work out for you. That and the fact that you can now use it on the go makes Bing Rewards a little more accessible.

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