Windows 8 Simulator For Windows 8 Virtually

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Want to run Windows 8 virtually on Windows PC? You can try using Windows 8 Simulator on your Windows PC for free to get a feel of Windows 8 without even installing it.

It is expected that Windows 8 will be released in 2012 till then you can try using the simulator to get a feel of Windows 8.

The best part is that you can check features of Windows8 virtually and can un-install Simulator anytime from your desktop and is not a transformation pack.

How To Install Windows 8 Simulator

1.Windows 8 Simulator is of size 8.40 MB and it is in .zip file.You can have to extract the file and then you will get a setup.exe file which you will have to run and install in your desktop.

After installing you will get a screen as shown below which will prompt you to enter password.Simply hit the button “Submit” without entering password.

2. Now, you will get a Desktop Metro Interface, try testing features my clicking on the icons of Windows 8 Simulator.

The Simulator has a power button which enables you to close the simulator at anytime.The simulator lets you to surf web, check social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,Windows Media Player lets you to listen to your favorite tracks and can watch Youtube videos.

Screenshots of Windows 8 Simulator Features

Features of Windows 8 Simulator

Takes only 8.40 MB space to install and has features such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Google Chrome and more.

Can be un-installed at any time.

Use Shutdown button to close the Simulator.

Download Windows 8 Simulator

Download Windows 8 Simulator

Windows 8 Simulator is a free software. Although, it is not based on real Windows 8 Operating System but it is worth a try.

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